Why us


At Venture Assets, we make crypto mining available for everyone without the hassle of managing the mining rig. Aside from managing our customers’ mining rigs on their behalf, Venture Assets also offer a ‘Leasing Partnership’ scheme.

1. Purchase Mining Rig from VA

Venture Assets provides only the most efficient mining rigs

2. Leasing Partnership

With leasing partnership, partners can lease their mining rigs back to Venture Assets

3. Manage Mining Rigs On Your Behalf

Venture Assets will manage the mining process on your behalf

4. Guaranteed Leasing Yield

Despite the volatility in the crypto markets, Venture Assets provide guaranteed leasing yield


Up to 2.22% Profit Per Month

Venture Assets provides only the most efficient mining rigs for up to 2.22% profit growth

Up to 80% Returns in 3 Year

After the completion of Leasing Partnership term, accumulated profit will be up to 80%

100% Partnership Buy Back

Buyback will be prorated based on lease tenure.

60 Days Set Up Period

60 days set-up period and partners will receive their first leasing yield on the 90th day

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